Social Health and Education Development India
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Organization Structure

The board of trustees is the apex body, the decision making body. Managing trustee is the chief functionary, facilitator of the organization administration, facilitation of the projects. Financial trustee is in charge of finance, accounts keeping, etc.The Board of Trustees is supported by the advisory board of Experts.The Program Director is the person who is in charge for the facilitation of the projects, organizing trainings, documentation, reporting, liaison etc for the organization to support the Executive Director. The Program Director is supported by Admin Manager, Program coordinators,Team Facilitator of Kalanchiam Unit and Doctors.

Under Program coordinators, a team of staff including Project coordinators, Health workers, field workers, Social Workers, childline team will work based on the projects .There are 26 paid staff members and 138 paid and honorary volunteers to support the project team based on the need.

Kalanchiam Unit members are honorary members, there are 22 members in Folk arts troupe they work honorary depends upon its program schedule. The Kalanchiam team of Resource persons and experts are honorary members who work depends upon the needs of the organization to train other organizations and institutions based on the invitations.

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