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HIV/AIDS Prevention Education among Youth and Adolescents in Thanjavur Corporation Area, Tamil Nadu

We are working for the HIV/AIDS Prevention education among the school going and out of school going youth in the 10 locations of Thanjavur corporation area. The objective of the project is to mobilize the out of school youth in 10 locations at common place thru mobilization meetings, orient them on their health, adolescent health, changes in their mind, body, physical, biological and related outcome in their physical and emotional relations, to educate both the out of school youth in 10 locations and school going youth from these locations , studying in the Higher Secondary Schools through area level and school level orientations on STD, RTI, HIV/AIDS infections, and roots causes and possible measures to prevent, control and cure these infections and also in the Creation of peer educators to educate the fellow youth in the neighbourhood. SHED INDIA working with other agencies such as ICTC, ART Centres and Positive Network people to educate and provide linkages to the peer educators for capacity building of peer educators and for the HIV/AIDS Prevention education in the Thanjavur corporation area through awareness. This Project is Supported by the Mercury Pheonix Trust, UK since 2017.


Thozhi - "Empower Women at Workplace"

This is a KFB/DKA, Austria funded project promoted by DEEPS, Dharmapuri district, Tamil Nadu having women led NGO's to work among the unorganized women workers working in various industries such as Tobacco, Betal nut, coir, cashewnut , rice mills, silver smiths ,textiles, garments, etc in which SHED INDIA Implements THOZHI project in Thanjavur, Pudukkottai, Ariyalur, Perambalur and Tiruchirapalli districts as the East Regional Coordination organization to coordinate with other organizations, stakeholders, women workers for the welfare and betterment of Women and Girls working in the unorganized industries. SHED INDIA educates them, mobilize them to acquire their rights and improve their working conditions by advocacy and lobbying works and federated the women workers as Thozhi-Tamil Nadu federation.


Covid-19 Emergency Support and Response

The unexpected and unpredicted disaster hit the world in the name of COVID-19. We had lost many people and due to the lockdown many of them suffered a lot such as not able to earn, to get the food and meet their other needs. SHED INDIA Team members had worked continuously even in the lockdown with the permission from the District administration and district police. Our Team supported the interstate migrant workers to return to their state and district with the support of government. Our Team involved in relief work in coordination with the district COVID-19 WAR room and, in the field to reach the unreached by distributing foods to the needy. The Relief kit includes groceries, vegetables, Masks, soaps and sanitizers are provided to the most vulnerable and needy people who can't able to buy it in the critical situation. The Personal Protective equipment's like sanitizers, Masks, Soaps,etc are provided to the frontline workers worked for the covid.


CHILDLINE 1098 Services (24x7 Helpline for children in Thanjavur District)

  CHILDLINE 1098 is the helpline for children is being implemented in Thanjavur district since 2011 by SHED INDIA with the support of Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India through Childline India Foundation. The main activities of the project are to provide round the clock services to the children in distress and in difficult circumstances and to ensure child care and protection in the Thanjavur District. Addressing the children issues such as Child labour, child marriage, runaway children, missing children, children victims of abuses, violence, and exploitation, trafficking, child labour, domestic violence, step mother or father treatment, unwed mothers, child rape, child abuse, child pregnancy, child mother, teen age unwed mother, child and teen marriages, affair victims, etc. They are being given counselling, rescue of children if needed and support for shelter in short stay, reception homes facilities and referrals, rehabilitation and reunion with families etc. Awareness generation on CHILDLINE services among general public, school and college students, teachers, women groups, youth clubs, NGOs, voluntary organizations, business people, police, Government officials, etc.


Combat Human Trafficking and Bonded Labour System in Delta districts

  We are working towards combatting Human Trafficking and Bonded Labour System in delta districts such as Thanjavur, Pudukkottai, Ariyalur, Tiruvarur and Tiruchirapalli. The Project is supported by International Justice Mission, USA . SHED INDIA provides training to the officials of Revenue department, Labour department, Police, advocates, NGO's, Students and other stakeholders regarding the laws related to the Human Trafficking and bonded labour system abolition in the delta districts. The Team of SHED INDIA will support the government officials in the identification, rescue and rehabilitation of victims of Human Trafficking and Bonded Labour system. SHED INDIA is the active member in the committees formed by the government for the bonded labour system abolition and human trafficking.



Kalanchiam Center for Arts
and Educational Development

This center is one of the capacity building wing of the organization that consists of professionals in street theater, folk arts, film appreciation, story telling, NGO management, Accounts keeping and maintenance, capacity building of the NGO personnel and its grassroots people. The experts team visits schools, institutions and other NGOs, do awareness, education and promotes development thru education.

It created 43 street theater and folk arts troupes all over Tamilnadu for NGOs and Educational Institutions.
Kalanchiam Mannin Kalaikulu
(Street Theater and Folk Arts Troupe

Kalanchiyam Mannin Kalaikuzhu is one of the unit of SHED INDIA.Its professional cultural troupe members are offering performances (Street theater, folk arts, puppet shows and traditional folk arts) in the target villages and areas on development aspects and rights perspectives in the villages. It also gives performances in the areas of other NGOs in Tamilnadu at their invitations.

Projects Under Plan

  • Kungumam - Empowerment of Widows and Destitute Women
  • Palliative Care for the cancer patients and persons living with the HIV/AIDS
  • Promotion of Child Friendly approaches and environment
  • Upliftment of Vulnerable and Marginalized communities
  • Addressing the Violence against women and children
  • Climate changes and global warming related education and environment conservation
  • Promotion of alternative medicines and Indigenous health practices

Completed Projects

  • Supportive and Integrated Education Program in Thiruvonam Block, Thanjavur (KFB/DKA, Austria)
  • Women Empowerment Programs in Thiruvonam Block,Thanjavur (WDP,Germary)
  • Counseling and Vocational Training to women and girls victims of Tsunami in Nagapattinam and Karaikal district coastal villages (WDP,Germany)
  • Alternative Medicinr, Indigenous health practitioners promotion for reproductive health promotion in coastal villages of Karaikal district,Puducherry (KFB/DKA,Austria)
  • Reproductive Health Promotion in Tsunami hit coastal villages of Karaikal (WDP,Germany)
  • Milch cows to widows and destitute women in Thiruvonam Block,Thanjavur (Riverside Church,USA)
  • HIV/AIDS prevention among the women and girls migrant workers in Thiruvonam Block of Thanjavur District through traditional folk arts and communication methods and promoted youth peer educators.This project awarded by MTV- Staying Alive Foundation, UK (2008-2012)
  • Creche Program supported by Emmaus Bilthoven, Netherlands
  • Reproductive and Child Health Promotion through FPAI (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GOI)
  • Cervical Cancer Screening Program supported by Tamil Nadu Health System Project, Chennai
  • Condensed Course for Rural women and Girls (Tamil Nadu Social Welfare Board & Central Social Welfare Boards)
  • Awareness Generation Camps for Women(CSWB,New Delhi)
  • Disaster Management Programs through TNVHA,Chennai aided by Christian Aid, UK
  • Gender Sensitization Program Funded by NESA, Bangalore
  • HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming Project through TNVHA,Chennai
  • Vathalampatti Village in Thanjavur and Vadakuvanjoor village in Karaikal Adoption projects supported by LACIM, France.
  • AKSHAYA -Tuberculosis Prevention and Eradication Project in Thanjavur supported by REACH,Chennai.
  • Preventing dropouts situations among children from slum dwelling families of Thanjavur Municipality area, Tamil Nadu, India supported by The Marr Munning Trust, UK
  • Digital literacy to rural women project supported by TATA Trust, Delhi through Voice Foundation, Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu Bio Diversity Greening Project (TBGP) in Thanjavur district through the Forest department funded by JICA, Japan.
  • Project SHIELD - Creating safe society for women and Children at Tiruchirapalli and Pudukkottai Districts supported by IJM, USA
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