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Recent Major Accomplishments

  • 65 Women self help groups have been formed with a membership of 1110 in 40 target villages have been formed and working together
  • These women groups’ members have saved Rs.60,08, 350 as their collective savings.
  • These women groups have been enabled to save Rs.16,00,000 as revolving fund cum loan assistance from the banks and the NABARD.
  • These women groups have enabled their women groups’ members who lost their houses during 2005 heavy rain and floods, to avail ketch houses loan assistance of Rs.10000/- per woman for 12 families.
  • Under total sanitation campaigns, women groups enabled 10 of their members to avail bonus amount of Rs.1500/- per toilet who constructed the low cost toilets.
  • Velicham Women Federation has been formed and it is having all the 65 women groups as its members. 6 member’s leaders elected by the women groups administer the Velicham Women Federation.
  • 20 common village herbal gardens have been formed and being maintained by the women groups, children groups in Thiruvonam block, Thanjavur district.
  • 23 barefoot health care practitioners have emerged in tsunami hit Karaikal coastal villages.
  • 9 health care committees to take up health care rights of the people in the Karaikal coastal villages have been formed.
  • 40 Barefoot Siddha herbal practitioners have emerged in Thiruvonam Block
  • Shed India promote Cancer Awareness Network (CAN INDIA)
  • 20 Natural Resources Management children groups were formed, with 628 children as members in 20 villages and Block Level NRM Club Children Federation.
  • 22 women were elected as Village Administrative Councils as members and Presidents of the councils; these are grassroots level democracies in India.
  • However, 75 women contested in the civic bodies elections
  • 20 Supportive Integrated Education Centers have been running for benefiting children drop outs and the school going children in Thiruvonam block of Thanjavur district for the past 9 years..
  • 199 Children Dropouts have been mainstreamed in regular schools.
  • These children are performing better than other children in the classrooms, tests, extra curricular activities, and public examinations.
  • Under anemia and amebas prevention program, so far, 475 health check camps, 325 awareness camps have been organized in the target villages and facilitated by Siddha cum Herbal practitioner.
  • 3318 children have been screened and enabled to cure the anemia and amebas problems and better their health.
  • 2278 children are benefiting through CHILDLINE1098 SERVICE[shelter, medical, education support, sponrship, legal aid ,nutrition and emotional support]
  • 54 preschool children are benefiting under the Crèche program in 2 villages with nutrition, health care, play way education, games, plays and recreation and group activities.
  • 25 women who were unsuccessful in their public examinations at the school level were helped to undergo intensive training and coaching to pass the examinations successfully.
  • SHED INDIA is facilitating the execution of HIV/AIDS prevention education projects by mainstreaming endeavors through 5 NGOs in the district with the help of TNVHA , Chennai.(DFC / HIV AIDS :SHED INDIA)
  • It has a 28 volunteers ( men and women) voluntary blood donors who donate quite frequently to the persons who are living with cancer, victims of disaster, accidents, and facing critical surgeries etc.
  • SHED INDIA identified, 39 PLHAs in the district and provided them financial assistance to do income generation enterprises.
  • 275 women and girls from the target villages have been trained annually in cutting, tailoring and handworks trainings at Field office premises.
  • SHED INDIA provides counseling, guidance, referrals, for the persons living with cancer and their family members through its cancer-counseling unit.
  • SHED INDIA has a team of Kalanchiam a resource center for the NGOs, through which the NGO heads and staff members are being provided the capacity building training, media appreciation
  • SHED INDIA is rendering expertise consultations to the social work units of the Religious Congregations in the state and also the NGOs in the State since its inception in 1999 in the field of capacity building of the NGO heads, staff team, volunteers, and the creation of street theater and folk artists groups for NGOs and also for the social work units of the religious congregations.

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